Volunteer Responsibilities

Dinner (Menu)

  1. Cook or prepare a protein rich main dish for about 35 -40 people.
  2. Green Salad (Optional)
  3. Any side dishes you feel appropriate
  4. Dessert (Optional)
  5. Fresh Fruit (Optional)

All dishes and utensils needed are at the church already along with juice, coffee, tea, salad dressing, mustard, ketchup, etc.


Remember to pack up meals for four seniors who are unable to get out. Use the containers in the cupboard right above this sign. Place the meals in the righthand refrigerator. Dan Matney or Bev Christiansen will pick them up on Thursday to deliver.



  1. A tax receipt can be provided for expenses upon request.
  2. Alternatively, group leaders can receive reimbursements for expenses upon submission of appropriate receipts.


Dining room Preparation

  1. Put up tables with Chairs & Tablecloths – vinyl tablecloths in drawer under north counter
  2. Each of the five round tables should have:
    1. Water pitcher filled with ice water
    2. Paper cups stacked in the center
    3. Salt & Pepper
    4. Napkins stacked in center
    5. Salad dressing if needed
    6. At least 6 chairs placed around each table
  3. Put up rectangular table with tablecloth for beverages
    1. Decaf coffee made in Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker
    2. Hot water for tea/hot chocolate other coffee maker
    3. Lemonade or juice
    4. Other
    5. Put out china mugs or disposable hot cups, sugar/creamer, stir sticks
  4. Set up rectangular table with tablecloth for desserts and fruit; put out disposable dessert plates and plastic forks if needed
  5. Wednesday dinner program uses the fridge on the far right; please only take food out/store food in this fridge; use anything out of the freezers unless it is labeled otherwise
  6. Put “free food” for giveaways on the standing shelf; set up additional table if needed
  7. Gray rolling cart goes by kitchen entrance in fellowship hall; put out plastic dishpan with hot soapy water so guests can bus their own dishes; put trashcan close by
  8. Serving Area along counter by pass through
    1. Put out silverware in a basket
    2. Put out mats for hot items
    3. Put out serving utensils
    4. White china plates/bowls stacked behind the counter
    5. Any needed condiments



Dinner (Serving)

  1. Servers wear plastic gloves – in drawer under serving counter
  2. Ring Bell at 6:00 or otherwise announce dinner is served
  3. Greet each guest with a smile
  4. Servers hold plates and serve food, guest is given plate at the end of the serving line
  5. Pack up 4 meals for seniors who are unable to get out and leave in right-hand refrigerator. Disposable containers found in cabinets both above and below the counter to the right of the right-hand sink.
  6. Count guests, servers and record in white notebook on shelf on north wall
  7. Continue food service until at least 6:45; sometimes people arrive late
  8. Give away leftover food or store in fridge or freezer – store and mark properly; perishable food (food that won’t last the week) should be given away, taken home or dumped


Clean Up

  1. Clear all tables and wipe down tablecloths with moist towel/Clorox wipe
  2. Put coffee table/drink table items away
  3. Store/label any food that can be used for another Wednesday night dinner
  4. One rectangular table and three round tables can be left out with chairs
  5. Stack remaining chairs
  6. Wash Dishes; run dishwashers
  7. Turn main power switch on each stovetop to “off” and red light comes on
  8. Sweep and vacuum kitchen and fellowship hall
  9. Take garbage out to dumpster; take recycling out to single stream bin by the dumpster
  10. If cloth items need washing, leave on counter (groups outside of ERPC do this) or if you are an ERPC group take them home, wash them, and return
  11. Do not leave any food on the counter
  12. If you discover we are low on something, or are concerned about something, please leave a note in the white notebook
  13. Make sure all windows are closed and locked, that all lights are turned off
  14. Do not leave anyone in the building alone
  15. Make sure doors are locked when the last two people leave


Please Contact Us for more info.