Current Volunteers

Welcome to our new electronic signup form. To use it simply click on the link that says "Community Dinner Volunteers Needed" for the date you wish to volunteer for so that others can see a live update as the schedule is filled.

When you get to the 'Edit Event'

1) If you know what you will be cooking substitute your meal for the "Community Dinner Volunteers Needed" Title and enter your name (Or organization name) in the "Who" field.

2) If you do not know what you will be cooking enter your name (Or organization name) in the "Who" field and delete the "Community Dinner Volunteers Needed" text in the Title field (Feel free to come back to edit the Title field closer to the time).

Click SAVE and you are done.

If you could please send me a quick email to confirm that you signed up I would really appreciate it, that way I have the contact info for each week in case there is a problem.

Many thanks for volunteering and for helping us to test this new signup method - Please send any feedback via email (If you have any ideas for a better calendar service I would also be interested to hear from you).


Please Contact Us for more info.